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Blog Nurdin M Top | Benarkah ?

Blog Nurdin M Top | Benarkah ? Blog Nurdin M Top circulating in the Internet? in the blog that have statement Noordin M Top Tandzim as Amir Al Qo'idah Indonesia, the states are responsible for the blasting Marriott Hotel and Ritz-Carlton, circulating on the internet. police also have a picture spread of bomb skesta but brass is still a mystery.

Indeed, on Nurdin M Top Blog (allegedly), and in it have a name Mu'awwidz Abu Nur Din bin Muhammad Top Hafidzohullah. which is the name of it bully police at this time?

Although their accuracy can not be checked, in the second page it is mentioned that the statement was the official explanation Tandzim Al Qo'idah Indonesia blasting up the second hotel.

The statement, which also proverb verses of Al Quran, was divided in two parts, each called as amaliat jihadiyah istisyadiyah at JW Marriott Hotel and maliat jihadiyah istisyadiyah in the Ritz-Carlton.The statement said that the explosion at the Marriott is a U.S. attack against Kadin. "To be human is to know that the United States, especially those who gathered in the Majlis, they are Business and Inteljen in the United States economy. And they have a great interest in the property plow the land and the army pembiyaan heathen (United States) the fight against Islam and Muslims, "said a statement Amaliyat Istisyhadiyah which they are named as the" DR SARIYAH Azhari."

Meanwhile, for the explosion at the Ritz-Carlton, according to the statement that they call-stooge stooge who visited the U.S. in the hotel.

In addition, the Ritz-Carlton explosion according to a statement called "SARIYAH JABIR" this example is, as qishoh (a retaliation in kind) for the deeds done by the U.S. and minion against Muslims and mujahidin in the world. Then, for the U.S. forces in Indonesia, which called this statement as a thief and plunderer valuables Muslims in Indonesia. Remove them (U.S. and stooge) from the lands of Muslims, mainly from Indonesia.

It also is a lesson for humanity Islam will fact wala '(loyalty) and Baro' (hostility), the arrival Manchester United football club (in a written statement that MANCESTER UNITED) to the hotel. According to the statement that, people do not deserve the players to give MU its wala' and reverence.

statements that have already appeared on July 18 in a blog bushro2.blogspot.combushro2.blogspot.com indicate. In addition, on Sunday re-post to blog bode mediaislam-bushro.blogspot.com.

Is it true that in the blog are the property of Nurdin M Top fugitive in search of the police is only for the people who only want to fish in muddy water? Do not Easy affected issue Caution is? Because for Making such a blog can be done by anyone so we submit to the authorities just can not blog Nurdin M Top merely the work of a issues only ...

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XBlog Nurdin M Top | Benarkah ?

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